What's New

NS Quill What Is New For NoteSmith 2023

Details about the more significant features of the latest release appear below. The new annual version is available to first time customers starting in November and to renewal subscribers in January.

New, revised, or updated for NoteSmith, NoteSmith Pro, and/or NoteSmith Net

  • Enhanced compatibility with mesh-type wi-fi routers for improved connectivitiy.
  • Print entire revised 1096, 1098, 1099-A. 1099-C. 1099-INT payor/payee B and C copies on blank paper; print A copies on IRS forms; only the new 2023 NoteSmith can submit files or fill in the new IRS forms due January 2023.
  • Ability to import encrypted data files from previous years when upgrading to new NoteSmith version.
  • Improved character capacity in 1098 Box 10 for optional information such as Property Tax.
  • Tested compatibility with Windows 11 operating system.
  • Significantly revised electronic filing requirements for 2021 tax year as well as 2022 tax year revisions. Implemented and tested in the IRS FIRE submission system.
  • Minor changes based on user feedback to improve usability and enhance reporting.
  • Download the complete future year Flash Drive from Help, Technical Support near year end, receive Installation Guide and Media Key by email.
  • Technical support is available weekends in January for installation issues and importing older data.