Hot Seat Questions

We recommend you print this web page for reference. If you are shopping around, be sure any other software vendor gives you satisfactory answers to these questions before committing to a long term relationship.

Question NoteSmith Vendor A Vendor B
When was the software first released? NoteSmith: 1988
NoteSmith Pro: 1990
NoteSmith Net: 1996
What do I get for my order? Installation FlashDrive, a 375 page printed manual, and technical support for the calendar year of publication    
Is the price on the web site? Why? Yes, because it is the most reasonable you can license No--we want you to call
(it's expensive)
No--we want you to call
(it's expensive)
What cash flows do you support? Fixed rate, zero interest, negative amortization, variable rate, variable payment, Canadian interest, leases, month to month rent    
What don't you support? Rule of 78s, revolving credit card type loans with no regular payment amount    
What technical support is included? Common answers can be found at this site; personalized next business day email and toll free fax support for the calendar year; voice support is not available at our low prices because you cannot read a history over the phone!    
What is the cost of NoteSmith maintenance each year? The older program will run indefinitely so annual maintenance is optional; support for another year, plus program media to print newly due IRS forms, is $175-275 depending on the version    
What operating systems are supported? NoteSmith is designed specifically to run under WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10; Terminal Server, Citrix, and VPN are not supported; can be used on Macs running Parallels    
Where is my data stored? On your own hard disk in standard database files, which are fully compatible with Microsoft Office versions back to 2000; online backup is optional    
You mean a connection to the internet is not required? That's right, but we make good use of it if you do have a connection    
How can you price this program so reasonably? Why is everyone else so expensive?    
Why is even your network version so reasonable? NoteSmith was written for networks and simplified for single users, rather than the other way around    

Some features above are NoteSmith Pro or Net only.