About The Sample Company

The Sample Company can be reached at:

The Sample Company
1001 Harmony Road
Suite A-110
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

123-226-2486 : Phone
123-226-2486 : Fax

TheSampleCo AT NoteSmith.com : Email (Slightly altered to prevent "harvesting" by internet robots.)

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These two sample pages show NoteSmith users how their company page could look on this web site. The style has deliberately been kept generic to tie into various company themes yet work under all browsers, monitors, and mobile devices.

This static Billboard page is used either as your company home page or an entry point to the Account History page. All text in this section of the page can be customized. We recommend about a half page of text below the contact information. You also may include a small graphics file.

Our most exciting feature, the Account History Lookup page, has a link above and can be linked directly from your company home page if you already have a site. That is a dynamic page changing over time depending on which of your customers views it and when you upload data to it from within NoteSmith.

By posting a limited subset of information, your customers can look up their last payment, next payment due, history, annual totals, and estimated balance, all without needing to call your office! No personally identifiable information is posted, just loan numbers and amounts, so your customer data is secure. Uploading your data takes seconds from within NoteSmith. Click the link to view a sample history, then imagine how much time this feature will save you.

When you order an optional web site for just $99 each calendar year, you receive the static bulletin board page, the dynamic Account History page, and our password protected, online backup! Don't need web lookup functionality? The backup by itself is just $49 each calendar year.

There is no personally identifiable information stored at this web site.