The NoteSmith family of loan servicing software tracks mortgage notes, discounted notes, leases, rent, and other cash flows.

Perfect for investors, loan companies, and not-for-profit organizations, NoteSmith is affordable, easy to use, and fully featured. Used nationwide since 1988 and internationally since 1995, NoteSmith is designed for Windows 7 through the new Windows 10, supporting both US and Canadian interest. NoteSmith 2016 is now shipping!

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NoteSmith was created in 1986 for our internal use. Later it was modified for licensing by retail lenders and, during the next 3 decades, updated based on suggestions from our loyal customers, some of whom are second and even third generation NoteSmith users! Loan originators, mortgage lenders, note buyers, real estate investors, attorneys, accountants, and charitable organizations know that our products were created for them and by them. There is no ivory tower syndrome at Princeton Investments, Inc.


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